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 All agency programs are certified by the Ohio Department of Mental.   Health and Addiction Services and the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

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  • EXODUS  is a cultural and gender specific  Outpatient Substance Use Disorder  Treatment Program serving WOMEN.  Our program provides individual,  intensive and non-intensive group counseling,  crisis intervention,  and comprehensive case management services.  Transportation, childcare  and other supportive services include assistance in obtaining housing are provided.  Services are also provided for persons with co-occuring disorders.  We pride ourselves in our person-centered approach and  helping clients connect with their spirituality in recovery. 

  • CROSS ROADS  is a cultural specific Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Program serving MEN.  This program address issues that men have in their struggles with addiction.  Individual, intensive and non-intensive group counseling, crisis intervention, anger management, and comprehensive case management services are provided.  Supportive services include transportation, assistance in obtaining employment and housing.

  • NEW BEGINNINGS  focuses on reuniting families when children have been separated from their parents and are placed in custodial care.  The program also provide services to address  the following health-related issues:  1)  alcohol/ drug use and abuse problems; 2) infant mortality and low-birth weight; 3) domestic violence; and 4) cultivating healthy parent-child relationships utilizing evidence based parenting techniques.

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  • HOPE is mental health treatment program that serves both men and women.  The program is designed to bring an end to emotional pain and and self-defeating behaviors by increasing coping skills and developing tools and cultivating  skills that lead to goal achievement and life satisfaction.  The program provides individual, day treatment,  crisis intervention,  and CSPT services.  Supportive services include transportation, assistance in obtaining housing and employment.

 All agency programs are certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Ohio Department of Medicaid.


Youth Leadership Development Programs:

  • The Building Dreams Mentoring Program is  designed to involve positive role models in the lives of youth and to promote positive cultural  lifestyles.   Educational sessions are provided in the area of alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention. The youth participate in activities that offer preparation for academic excellence and civic leadership.


 It is an after school program designed to promote growth, learning, and character building.  During group discussions, youth learn life skills that include  effective communication, conflict resolution, anger management, values clarification, decision making, and goal setting.


 Developmental Enrichment activities  include  field trips, college tours, community service, African Dance and Drumming, summer camp, and other positive activities.  Our Youth Slide Show captures a number of developmental enrichment activities that the  youth participated in throughout the year.

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